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  • 26c Daraja is a design and urban development studio based in Khartoum – Sudan. They have worked on a range of projects including the design of Macca Eye Hospital in Khartoum North, Alfahad Co. HeadQuarters, and Shari Alhawadith initiative children ICU in Wad Madani. In 2019 26 Daraja initiated the project Khartoum Living Intersections (Taqatuat) which looks at urban street intersections as places that provide diverse opportunities for livelihoods and urban mobility. 26c Daraja is also part of the international Initiative: The Car-Free City which aims to promote more sustainable cities through prioritizing pedestrians, cyclists and less car use. 26c Daraja

Our Team

Zainab Osman Mahgoub Gaafar

Project Manager

Inas Mohamed Mokhtar Ali

Project coordinator

Khalda Imad Mubarak El Jack

Project Advisor and lead critical mapping trainer

Tasneim O. M Gaafar

Lead Placemaking trainer

Mohamed Khatir


Almuzn M.Elhassan


Niema Hassan Taha Alhessen

Co-Facilitator -

Samia Mohamed Hassan Abdalrahim

Research Assistant -

Mohamed ElMujtaba Eadam

Admin and logistics coordinator

Mostafa Mohamed

Admin and logistics coordinator

Abdullah Alfadil

Admin and logistics coordinator -

Mona Elsir Hassan Ahmed


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