Training Program

Over the last 2-3 years, the various neighborhood committees of Alshigeilab have proactively engaged with local and international organizations to facilitate a variety of training and projects for the betterment of their neighborhood. These have ranged from medical training for the youth and neighborhood resistance committee training for better organization to securing funding and aid for households and families impacted by the unprecedented floods of the last 2 years. This project aims to respond to and work with this momentum by introducing a training program that addresses a highlighted gap.


The training program aims to aid grassroots committees in identifying opportunities, problems, and solutions for their neighborhoods through:

(a) data collection,
(b) data analysis,
(c) turning data into knowledge through various techniques and
(d) developing informed correspondence with the local government and private sector (across multiple sectors).

These would address topics such as service provision, neighborhood development, risk mitigation, and government accountability. Furthermore, the project intentionally selects participants from three groups; Alshigeilab community members, young interdisciplinary urban researchers, and members from local organizations. This is done in order to bridge the gap between these various groups and to diversify the lens through which the site is explored and acted upon utilizing the various backgrounds and knowledge of each.

Entity Responsible: 26 Daraja


Critical mapping

الفيضانات والتعايش معها في الشقيلاب

الوضع الصحي في الشقيلاب

تعددية الأماكن في الشقيلاب

موارد الشقيلاب بين الماضي والحاضر

Place Making

M2A.  القصيرة

M2A. الجرف

M2A. الحريز

M2A. الحسانية


 ام حراز


Mapping Action

تعددية الأماكن في الشقيلاب 

موارد الشقيلاب بين الماضي والحاضر 

الوضع الصحي في الشقيلاب 

الفيضانات والتعايش معها والشقيلاب

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