Mapping to Action Training Program:

Capacity building and community empowerment in post-village planning and organization settlements. The case of Alshigeilab

About the project


The Mapping-Towards-Action training program is organized by Studio Urban (SU) and its partners. SU is a multidisciplinary research studio focused on urban subjects including physical urban space, its history, how people experience it, and the dynamics that influence this experience. It also looks at how the urban space is affected by the state and its policies. The studio is an experimental practice with an exploration lens that conducts research, maps out different phenomena, and experiments with the use of different technologies, art, and visual and audio mediums as a tool to communicate knowledge to a bigger audience. 


Training Details

The training program is focusing on utilizing mapping techniques in developing solutions to better cities led by the youth, to support communities and researchers in utilizing the power of Critical Mapping and Place-making to own and reshape their public spaces towards more liveable happy cities. The training is action-based with diverse activities ranging from lectures to assignments, data collection, and direct application. Through the project, the seven neighborhoods of alShigelab will be used as the sites of investigation. 

In order for different participants to share individual expertise and knowledge, it was important to create multiple mixed training sessions between all groups, to allow the young researchers to formulate a better understanding of the communities, and capture their experience with the maps they develop. These interactions will also allow the community members to gain new perspectives on their local conditions and therefore also come up with new solutions.


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